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Swagelok Argentina

Su Centro Autorizado de Ventas y Servicios Swagelok


Flusitec S.A. is Swagelok´s Exclusive Authorized Sales and Service Center for Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay. Swagelok is synonymous with excellence all over the world as a result of the application of the latest technologies in materials and manufacture for connection, tightness and flow and pressure control.

At Swagelok Argentina we offer integrated end solutions developed by our Custom Solutions department. We have qualified and certified personnel to build assemblies, sub-assemblies and panels that meet our customers´ needs.

Our management system conforms not only to the ISO 9000 certification, but also to Swagelok’s SQS Quality System, which ensures compliance with the highest levels of quality worldwide.

Our vision is to understand and meet our customers´ needs in any industrial system that requires highly reliable solutions for fluid management. Our mission is to satisfy those needs through a process of continuous improvement, guided by our values of integrity, respect and commitment to offer the highest quality.