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Swagelok Argentina

Su Centro Autorizado de Ventas y Servicios Swagelok

Social Responsibility

Sponsoring a school in a rural area

Flusitec S.A. has been sponsoring a school through APAER (Asociación Civil Padrinos de Alumnos y Escuelas Rurales). It is the School No. 426 of Puerto Viejo, Santa Lucia, in the Province of Corrientes. 
This education community has grown with limited resources and considerable effort, and it has increased the number of students attending classes, reaching 280 between kindergarten and elementary school, and they get to complete both levels.

We organize the collection of donations to provide the materials needed to carry out activities to give better attention to children.

For the last three years, students have received a medal and a certificate as they complete the elementary level, and two years ago kindergarten students started receiving their certificates as recognition for this accomplishment.

If you would like to send donations, please write to and you can also visit APAER webpage: